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Boost your Pro Cycling Manager experience with the ultimate PCM career companion

What is PCM+

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More Immersive

PCM+ offers a set of tools that you can apply against your savegame, which makes the game world feel more real and more dynamic. Cyclists have a hidden 'year form' that changes each year, countries can qualify for the world or european championships.

On top of that, all extra data you can view in PCM+ and the way it is shown drags you more into your own cycling world.

Your game will not feel repetitive, you will feel more connected to your team, cyclists, achievements and you will enjoy longer savegames.

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More Data

PCM+ offers a large amount of screens and data that you do not have in the game itself. The data is represented in a user friendly way so it's informative and immersive at the same time.

You'll be able to see stats, results, history or records presented in such a way that it adds something to your complete pro cycling manager career experience.

Players playing longer careers - which you tend to do if you use PCM+ as a companion - will get more valuable insights into their savegame than you would normally have. Each year will feel more unique on it's own and at the same time more connected to your evolving career.


Easier Sharing

People playing pro cycling manager love to share their stories, wether it's on twitter, discord, youtube or an old-fashioned internet forum.

PCM+ makes it very easy to share your career story in a user-friendly and beautiful manner.

All screens in PCM+ have been designed so they are easy to screenshot and provide a lot of information without any scrolling needed. The information is also presented in a beautiful way and eye-candy has been added where possible and applicable.

Headline Features

Dynamic countries

All kind of podiums


Packed with data

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"When you have tried PCM+, you'll never go back to playing Pro Cycling Manager without it.
It adds so much excitement, features and data to the game that it makes you enjoy your career a lot more, and you'll play more seasons as a consequence.
Your PCM Savegame feels so much more immersive with PCM+ as a companion along the route" PCM+ experience