Boost your Pro Cycling Manager experience with the ultimate PCM career companion

PCM+ 24

This version will only work with savegames of Pro Cycling Manager 2024
Free version

  • • 50+ screens packed with data
  • • Easy edit difficulty settings
  • • Load saves from first two seasons
  • • Preview the features that update the savegame

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 Premium Edition

  • • Everything from the free edition
  • • Year form feature
  • • Dynamic countries
  • • Planning meeting
  • • Jan 1st Fixes (1-click tool that applies ~10 updates at the start of each season)
  • • Load saves from any season (free version only first two seasons)
  • • Full visual result podiums
  • • Visual team presentation podiums
  • • Scout reports
  • • Compare cyclists
  • • Team composition
  • • Many (all) other features that update the savegame

€ 5.99 (One time - No subscription)

Email address (Will be used to send license key to)

  • This version will only work with savegames of Pro Cycling Manager 2024
  • • You need administrative rights to install the software
  • • Refunds are not possible (Try free edition if you are unsure about compatibility or features).
    • • This is a one man project, I do not have the resources for these implications
  • • Although best effort will apply to fix any bugs, no guarantees can be made
    • • Same reason as above, I do not have the resources to guarantee such service
  • • PCM+ is designed to work in multiple resolutions, but has been optimized for 1920x1080
  • • The payment is a one time payment, no subscription. You get access forever to the edition you buy
  • • The key is for one user only and can be registered only on one machine (computer) at the same time
    • You have a total of 3 activations that you can use when you buy a new PC
  • • Keys cannot be sold to others
  • • If you are unsure about anything, please try out the free edition first
  • • PCM+ requires .NET Framework 4.8 (installed by default on most windows machines)
  • • For best user experience, PCM+ needs to be installed on a machine where Pro Cycling Manager is installed as well
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