Enhance your pro cycling manager experience with these powerful tools

What is PCMCE and PCM DBEdit


PCMCE, known as PCM Career Explorer, is a tool that allows you to explore all the data of your savegame in a user-friendly way. More detailed and different than ingame. It also contains a lot of tools to improve your PCM Experience and bypass issues with the vanilla game.

Download PCMCE 21

Download PCMCE For Older PCM

Youtube demo of the objective planner


PCM DBEdit is a light, fast and powerful database editor for Pro Cycling Manager. It works with older PCM databases but also with the new PCM21 database structure. It allows you to easily edit all tables in databases and savegames with the help of popups and dropdownlists for special fields.

Download PCM DBEdit


Both tools, PCMCE and PCM DBEdit are designed and developed by myself, Davy Depuydt. I've been creating tools for Pro Cycling Manager since PCM14 and provide them ad & subscription free to the community. You can always support my work by donating.

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For both PCMCE and PCM DBEdit I advise you to extract the downloaded archive somewhere on the c:\ or d:\ drive and not within Program Files Directory (extra permissions are needed in that folder). So something like c:\PCMTools\PCMCE should work perfectly.

Please keep in mind that PCMCE has been developed to work best on HD resolution (1920x1080) - PCM DBEdit is made more responsive and should work fine on any resolutionInstallation Instructions