Boost your Pro Cycling Manager experience with the ultimate PCM career companion

PCM+ Features

Cyclist profile

Home screen

Team profile

Stage race profile

Result viewer

Single day race profile

Tool dropdown

Scouting center

U23 page

Race history

Team presentation


Scout report

Cyclist palmares

Cyclist season

Cyclist history

Compare cyclists

Season story


Personal schedule

GT planning

Stars planning

World overview

Records & Legends

Team preview

Team performance



Dynamic countries

Light DB

Jan 1st fixes

Race preview

Planner step 1

Planner step 2

Planner step 3

Planner step 4

Planner step 5

Planner step 6

Planner step 7

Planner step 8

Planner step 9

Planner step 10

Quick Search

Cyclist tools
Screenshots are from the PCM+ 23 edition.
This is just a part of what the tool offers, there is much more to discover. PCM+ features